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Our team includes experts in the sector; certificates of medical assistance and health certificates with many years of experience.

Wellness and food consulting services around the world. We provide services to companies, health departments, food service organizations and individuals.

Everything you put in your mouth has a direct impact on your physical and mental health. We are a leading provider in nutrition.


Our products are made of the highest quality ingredients. The ingredients in our supplement line are the perfect tools to help you in the path to your transformation. 


Our products  help you lose weight, but this is just the beginning of how we change our customers' lives. Our products have helped hundreds of people transform not just their bodies, but their entire lives.


Be your own boss! Motivate others to do the same, and become a Skinny Sekret Coach. You’ll enjoy the flexibility of your own work schedule while earning commissions on your sales. Also, you’ll receive a % discount on products and the best training tools.

"Love beyond reason"

Stephanie Kantu

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Skinny Sekret

Be part of THE Skinny Sekret family. Call and have one of our specialists answer any questions. You are not alone. A big part of achieving your transformation is to trust in the process. Start today!  Loose up to 10 lbs in one week!

Email: info@skinnysekret.com

Phone: 972-785-7171

Adress: 9535 Forest Ln SUITE 118, Dallas, TX 75243

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